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R language

R programming language is free and comes with its own IDE R Studio. R language is extensively used for statistical computing. R language is the high-level language the learning curve is really small. Implementing Machine Learning or Deep Learning for your requirements is fairly straight forward.

The strong support of the open source community helps the language always update with new features and algorithms very often. Data scientists use R’s machine learning algorithm such as Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Time series forecasting, prediction, etc, for business intelligence. Most of the banks and big business units like Bing, Facebook use R for their business promotion.

What you will gain from this course?

By completing the R Language course in DataWTech, you will be :

  • Learning fundamentals of R Language
  • Introduced to the development environment – R Script & R Studio
  • Handling different types of Data files in R
  • Parsing TXT & CSV files
  • Data visualization using plots
  • Text Analysis

Who should attend the R course?

DataWTech’s R programming course is designed to suit all participants with or without development experience.

  • People who want to start their career in programming.
  • People who are working in the software industry
  • People who want to become Data analytics or Data Scientist

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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