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machine learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a type of an algorithm that allows applications to become more accurate in predicting or forecasting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The basic premise of machine learning is to use algorithms that can learn from the existing data and use statistical analysis to predict the outcome. ML is also used on data to form a group based on the association or clustering algorithm.

ML is a branch of Artificial Intelligence focused on the design and development of an algorithm that identifies and learn patterns exist in the input data. All those are studied from the perspective of solving complex business problems and making businesses profitable. The processes involved in machine learning are similar to that of data mining and predictive modeling. Both require searching through data to look for patterns and adjusting program actions accordingly. Many people are familiar with machine learning from shopping on the internet and being served ads related to their purchase. This is because recommendation engines use a machine learning algorithm to personalize online ad delivery in almost real time. Beyond marketing, other common use cases include fraud detection, spam filtering, network security threat detection, predictive maintenance, and building news feeds.

What you will gain from the this course

By completing Machine Learning course in DataWTech, you will be :

  • Data collection from different sources
  • Cleaning and preparing data for Machine Learning
  • Selecting and implementing ML Algorithm
  • Classification Algorithm
  • Clustering and Association Algorithm
  • Present predicted data in Visualization format

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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